An Authentic Taste Of Germany

Our Hours

14197 E. Exposition Ave Aurora, CO 80012


An Authentic Taste Of Germany

Our Hours

14197 E. Exposition Ave Aurora, CO 80012


Bar/Appetizers/Desserts Menu

Helga’s serves only the finest German Imported Biers!

Available in 1/3 Liter $6.5, 1/2 Liter $9, Liter $16, 2 Liter (Das Boot) $32 and Helga’s Haus famous 3 Liter (Friendship Tower) $44

Ask your server about Growlers to go

Featured German Biers on Tap

Style Brewer ABV
Oktoberfest Warsteiner 5.9% A well-balanced mild and smooth with a uniquely soft hoppy after taste
Blond Oktoberfest Paulaner 6.0% Deep golden color, full-bodied and wonderfully mellow, with a balanced harmonious taste and the pleasant fragrance of hops.
Pilsner Warsteiner 4.8% Barley malt, yeast tones, hoppy bitterness.
Weissbier Paulaner 5.5% Traditional, unfiltered Hefe-Weizen is naturally hazy and silky gold under a strong head of foam.
Amber Oktoberfest Paulaner 5.8% Full bodied, rich malt flavor, dark toffee note and underlying fruitiness with great hop balance.
Lager Grevensteiner 5.2% Crisp, malty-sweet body, toasty, hints of butterscotch.
Lager Paulaner 4.9% Clear and bright gold sparkling hue, pure white head, mild, elegant malts, mild sweetness, hint of hop.
Weissbier Konig Ludwig 5.5% Banana, clove, pale malts and grainy wheat, yeast, spicy malts, pepper, clove and sweet honey.
Dunkel Warsteiner 4.9% Rich dark amber, full-flavored, smooth taste, notes of roasted malt and subtle yeast tones.

Helga’s likes to keep it fresh with our rotating 10th bier on tap, please ask your server for our current choice bier!

Featured German Bottle/Canned Bier

Style Brewer ABV Price
Lager Black Kostritzer 4.8% 9
Toasted bitter flavor with bittersweet herbs, intensely aromatic with delicate malty sweetness.
Grapefruit Paulaner (Radler) 2.5% 8

Take Home your favorite German Bier

(These 4 can packs are for take home only)

Pilsner Paulaner (4 pack) 5.2%
Lager Paulaner (4 pack) 4.9%
Hefe Weizen Paulaner (4 pack) 5.5%
Grapefruit Radler Paulaner (4 pack) 2.5%
Kostritzer Black Lager   Warsteiner (4 pack) 4.8%
All our biers are available for takeout.
Please ask you server for details.

Prickelnde (Sparkling Wine)

Bella Pellegrino Dessert (sweet) 9 / 28

Weißwein (White Wines)

German. Riesling. Von Schleinitz (dry) 9 / 28
German. Riesling. Von Schleinitz (off dry) 9 / 28
Pinot Grigio. Ornato (dry) 9 / 28

Rotwein (Red Wine)

German. Dornfelder. “Windish“, red. (off dry) 9 / 28
Austria. “Wimmer Zweigelt” (table wine) 9 / 28
Austria. Blaufränkisch. Weinland (dry) 9 / 28

Besonderer Wein (Seasonal Wines)

German. Riesling Moselland Ars Vitis 9 / 26

Helga’s Haus Custom Cocktails

German Apfel Manhattan Berentzen apfel whiskey, ApfelKorn, and a dash of bitters
Helga’s Gimlet Goldschlager, ApfelKorn, lime juice, and sparkling water
Helga’s Blackforest Chateau Monet blackberry liqueur, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice with a splash of lemon-lime soda and lime juice
Golden Gimlet German cocktail made with Goldschlager, lime juice, and a fresh lime garnish
Helga’s Old Fashioned German version of the American classic with Makers Mark and Wild Cherry Berentzen
Helga’s Pear-Rita German version of the Mexican classic with Berentzen Pear liqueur and tequila

Premium Bar Liquors

Putinka Russian Vodka ~ Grey Goose ~ Patron Silver Tequila ~ 1800 Tequila ~ Tanqueray Gin ~ Berentzen Apple Whiskey ~ Maker’s Mark ~ Jack Daniels ~ Jameson Irish Whisky ~ Hennessy Cognac ~ Fireball ~ Crown Royal ~ Seagram’s #7 ~ Southern Comfort ~ Bailey’s ~ Kahlua ~ Captain Morgan’s ~ Bacardi Light Rum

Aperitifs, Geschossen & Korns

Rumplemintz ~ Helga’s Apfel Korn ~ Jagermeister
Asbach German brandy ~ Goldschlager ~ Verpoorten Egg Liqueur ~ Chateau Monet Blackberry ~ Bauer’s Obstler Pear/Apple Brandy ~ Bärenjäger

Bier Cocktails

Radler 1/2 Liter A refreshing blend of Lager Bier with a splash of lemon-lime soda
Cola Weiss 1/2 Liter A glass of Weiss Bier and Cola very popular in Germany
Rooster Weiss 1/2 Liter A refreshing mix of Weiss Bier and lemon-lime soda
White Wine Schorle 1/2 Liter A bubbly combination of white wine and Club Soda or lemon-lime soda over ice
Red Wine Schorle 1/2 Liter A bubbly combination of red wine and Club Soda or lemon-lime soda over ice

Mocktails (non-alcoholic)ls

ApfelSchorle Delicious apple juice mixed with sparkling water in a 1/2 Liter over ice
German Mineral Water Imported German, naturally carbonated bottled water
Spezi 1/2 Liter A refreshing blend of Cola and Orange sodas over ice
Malz Bier A malt type soda popular with many children in Germany


Potato Pancakes with Apple Sauce

Oma’s recipe from the Old Country made from potatoes, diced onions, and a hint of nutmeg. Served with apple sauce on the side. 

Brat Sliders

Helga’s Sliders

(Includes your choice of one side.)

BRAT BURGERS: Four mini slider buns with two-ounce burgers.

BEER BRATWURST: Four mini slider buns with two full sized quartered brats.

Bratwurst Sampler

Smoked, Veal and Bier bratwurst sliced and served with our house curry

ketchup, Helga’s spicy brown mustard and a toasted roll.

Helga’s Large Soft Pretzel

Freshly baked and served warm with a side of Helga’s hand-crafted mustard and a zesty pickle spear.

Goes great with fresh cold cuts from our deli. Add 6

Pork or Chicken Schnitzel Fingers

Your choice of mild chicken or spicy pork strips breaded and deep fried.

Served with two dipping sauces.

Helga's German Restaurant & Deli Logo

Corn Fritter Basket

A traditional sweet and savory snack made of sweet corn and batter.

Served with a side of our house ranch dressing.

Bacon And Chive Bier Barrel Bites With Brats

Four huge, crunchy bacon-filled “tater tot” type bites and a sampling of our three-bratwurst, Served with two dipping sauces.

Pfälzer Pretzel Board

Your choice of our deli cold cuts or cold sliced bratwurst

A giant 10-ounce pretzel surrounded by six select slices of deli meats or a cold sliced sampling of our three-house bratwurst. Includes veggies
and four slices of cheese.

Dessert “Nachtisch”


German Chocolate. 8.50
Oma’s 4-layer chocolate torte. 14


Plain cheesecake. 11
Seasonal Cheesecake. 12.50

Strudel By Helga’s

¼ Apple Strudel. 8
¼ Cherry Strudel. 8
Seasonal Strudel. 9

Seasonal Desserts

Black forest tart 9.50
Black forest Sundae. 9.50

2 scoops of ice cream. 4

We’ll make any dessert à la mode for 2

Special Events at Helga’s


One free apple strudel with the purchase of two full-size dinner entrées.


All you can eat pork schnitzel. Choose from a Traditional or Jager style. Ask your server for details.


Kids eat free. Purchase one full-size dinner entrée and receive one meal for your child free.


Band Night. The last Friday and Saturday of every month join us for the live music food, festivities, dancing and door prizes.

5.99 Happy Hour Menu

$1 off beer and wine

Tuesday thru Thursday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.

Beef Rouladen

USDA Choice beef thinly sliced, traditionally seasoned and wrapped around onions, bacon and a pickle. Served braised in a brown sauce.

Brat Burger Sliders

Bratwurst sausage filling served burger style grilled over live coals. Served on two mini slider buns with fries.

Bier Brat Sliders

Bier bratwurst char broiled over live coals, served on two slider buns with fries

Helga’s large soft pretzel with beer cheese sauce

Freshly baked and served warm with a side of Helga’s hand crafted mustard, beer cheese sauce and a zesty pickle spear.

Potato Pancakes with Apple Sauce

Oma’s recipe from the Old Country made from potatoes, diced onions, and a hint of nutmeg. Served with apple sauce.

Pork Jäger Schnitzel Bowl

Tender Pork dredged in flour; seared then braised in a Brown Hunter’s sauce and topped with golden onions and our signature mushrooms on a bed of spätzle.
Helga's Haus & Beir Garden

Frankfurter Sandwich

A foot long frank served on a German style roll with a small side of our warm
potato salad

Oktoberfest Cocktails

Der Herbst

A German twist on a Fall Margarita, including apple cider and our Gluhwein

Creamy Rum Root Beer Cocktail

Captain Morgan’s, Baileys, and root beer this cocktail will give you that hint of cream and spice for the fall season.

Barenjager Hot Toddy

Whiskey, and German honey Liquor over hot water with a drizzle of sweet Langnese honey.

Kirsch Crush

German Brandy (Kirschwasser) vodka, and triple sec with hints of cherry lime, orange, and pineapple.

Apfel Korn

Helga’s Famous homemade apfelkorn! Get it hot with cider or our classic, neat.


Helga’s Famous homemade gluhwein will fill you with happy warm thoughts!

New Oktoberfest Items

“Hocks Skin” basket with dipping sauce

A heaping basketful of fresh pork rinds cooked to order and served with two dipping sauces.

Fall Salad Sampler

Our three seasonal salads are served “German-style” together on a large oval plate. Please ask your server for this week’s salad lineup.

Pfalzer Pretzel Board

A giant 10-ounce pretzel surrounded by six select slices of deli meats, veggies and four slices of cheese